St James’ Sevenhampton

Sevenhampton is a very small village to the east of Highworth, and is part of the parish of Highworth.  The church in Sevenhampton is St James', where there is one service each month on the fourth Sunday of the month at 8.45am - this is a service of Holy Communion.  At festival times there are sometimes additional services which are detailed on the weekly bulletin.

Worship has taken place on the site of the church since the 11th century.  The main 'claim to fame' for St James' Church is the fact that Ian Fleming (1908-1964) is buried in the churchyard.  Originally a stockbroker, Fleming served as a foreign correspondent in Moscow and in World War II he became a senior naval intelligence officer.  Fleming is best known, however, as a journalist and the author of twelve James Bond novels and seven short stories, and of the children's story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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