transforming church together

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Transforming Church. Together is a major initiative by Bishop Viv, Diocese of BristoI.


It will be of a year-long process to engage with and understand the perspectives of people inside the church, those who relate to it and those who may never have given it a thought.

The aim is to help understand what the diocese does well, what can be changed for the better and how to create a positive way forward, for everyone.


Transforming Church. Together was launched at the start of this month. Bishop Viv is inviting everyone in our region to join a conversation about our future as the Diocese develops a new vision and set of priorities for the coming years. She wants to hear from as many people as possible.


To do this the Diocese has published an online questionnaire and is encouraging as many people as possible to complete it. PLEASE have your say at (opens in a new window):




Locally we will be taking part by organising three workshops to discuss the questions. Each workshop will follow a format prepared by the Diocese and our views will be fed into the overall exercise.


Each Zoom workshop will last a maximum of 90 minutes. The groups will be: 


Young People (aged upto 25) - facilitated by Emily 

Those not regular members of the congregation - facilitated by Geoff 

Regular members of the congregation - facilitated by Phil


We need a wide selection of people to make ours a really positive contribution. So PLEASE contact the office to sign up for one of the groups.