milk bottle top recycling

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A big thank you to everyone who brings milk bottle tops to church for recycling and to Hazel for taking them to be recycled.  A cheque for £50.05 was recently presented to Brimble Hill School, all raised from the milk bottle tops.


Here is a little more information on the process:

The plastic tops with a HDPE of 2 or 4 in a broken triangle are a type of plastic which can be reused.  There are very few companies in the country but there is one, GHS Recycling, at Hillsea near Portsmouth which breaks the plastic down to beads and sells it to a company which we understand makes toys.  So the plastic is always reused.


The company usually pays £30 per 500kg of plastic tops and keep an account for charities.  The company used to have a collection point in Swindon but this has moved so they are now taken to Hillsea.


As Hazel delivers them to Hillsea we are able to get £50 per 500kg and Hazel can usually take 100kg in her car per visit.  It takes about 15 months to reach 500kg and as Hazel goes to Southampton every 3 months she doesn't have to make an extra trip to drop them off.