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14th - 15th Century

 In the 14th century, the porch on the south side of the church was added, with a priest's room above; in this room an ancient fireplace and a square stone washbasin can still be seen.  High above the inner south door of the church is a 'squint', a narrow opening about a foot high; through this the interior of the church was observed from the priest's room. 

The present St Michael's church building came into being in the 15th century , probably during 1440-1480; the nave was rebuilt and extended, the transepts were remodelled and the tower was added, along with chapels on the north and south sides of the chancel - the south side chapel being the Warneford Chapel.

The earliest St Michael's register records baptisms, marriages and burials beginning in 1539 during the reign of Henry VIII. 

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