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CAP news

Hello wonderful CAP Highworth supporters.

You may have already heard on the Highworth grapevine, but just in case you haven't, we wanted to officially announce that we have very happy to have recruited an excellent new debt centre manager to continue the great work of our CAP Highworth debt centre.

Claire Titcombe is going to be our new debt centre manager and has already started her training. She will work alongside Kathryn and the team for December and take over fully in January!

Please be praying for her, the centre, our clients, publicity opportunities and connections with other churches. 

(We will be specifically praying for her at our next prayer gathering next Tuesday, 21st Nov 3-4pm @ The Bridge centre if you want to come along).

Kathryn Ford will be continuing in her role with CAP as Wiltshire & Dorset area manager and prayerfully using the rest of her time to share more of Jesus with more people in Highworth!!😄

For clarity our other Highworth team roles are:

Debt centre

Claire Titcombe - debt centre manager

Eoli Pieri - debt coach                    

Ian Coulson - debt coach               

Evelyn Walker - admin support      

Kelly Jupp - admin support            


Eoli Pieri - Lifeskills manager                  07753627049

Claire Titcombe - lifeskills coach

Dave Boyle - lifeskills coach

Sue Tollington - lifeskills coach

Job Club

Kathryn Ford - Job club manager           07885579876

Jackie Kerr - job coach

Phil Sapwell - job coach

Alfie Howe - job coach

Money coaching

Maria Walker - money coach

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